lectures about ABPS

10.2020: Agent Interactive. Closing the Gap. Webinar, Dutch Design Week 2020 – Robert R. Neumayr

10.2020: Agent-Based Semiology: Optimizing Office Occupation Patterns with Agent-Based Simulations. 5th International Symposium Formal Methods in Architecture. ISCTE-IUL, LIsbon (PT) – Robert R. Neumayr

03.2020: Agent-Based Semiology: Simulating Contemporary Office Occupation Patterns with Simplified Social Models. Divergence in Architectural Research Ph.D. Symposium. GeorgiaTech School of Architecture, Atlanta (US) – Robert R. Neumayr.

02.2020: The Semiological Project in Architectural Design. Bio-ID, University College London, London (UK) – Bogdan Zaha.

02.2020: Agent-Based social models in architecture. SHARE Skopje 2020, Skopje (MK) – Bogdan Zaha.

11.2019: Agent-Based Parametric Semiology. SHARE X Architects Bucharest 2019, Bucharest (RO) – Bogdan Zaha.

09.2019: Agent-based Semiology for Simulation and Prediction of Contemporary Spatial Occupation Patterns. Design Modelling Symposium Berlin 2019, Berlin (DE) – Mathias Fuchs and Robert R. Neumayr.

06.2019: Technology, Changing Audiences, and Evolving Paradigms of Buildings. Therme Forum, International Theatre Festival Sibiu 2019, Sibiu (RO) – Bogdan Zaha

05.2019: Agent-based Semiology – Contemporary Spatial Occupation Patterns. i.sd – institute for structure and design, Leopold-Franzens-Universität, Innsbruck (AT) – Mathias Fuchs and Robert R. Neumayr.

05.2019: Artificial Design Symposium – Fachbereich Gestaltung / InterMedia, FH Vorarlberg, Dornbirn (AT) – Josip Bajcer

05.2019: The Simulation of Contemporary Spatial Occupation Patterns. Agent Based Semiology Symposium. IoA, University of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT) – Josip Bajcer, Mathias Fuchs and Robert R. Neumayr.

04.2019: Paradigms of Perfomativity. Simulating Social Building Performance. Fakultät für Architektur, Leopold-Franzens-Universität, Innsbruck (AT) – Robert R. Neumayr.

12.2018: Simulating Life Processes. Agent Based Parametric Semiology Symposium. Architectural Association School of Architecture, London (UK) – Josip Bajcer and Mathias Fuchs.

07.2018: Agent-Based Parametric Semiology – Polymorphism. AX:OM – en{CODED}fields workshop Lecture, Firenze (IT) – Bogdan Zaha.

05.2018: Parametric Semiology – Information-rich Environments. AP – Angewandte Praxis Lecture Series. University of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT) – Josip Bajcer, Mathias Fuchs, Robert R. Neumayr and Bogdan Zaha.

12.2017: Agent Based Parametric Semiology. 2nd re|search salon, Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL), Vienna (AT) – Daniel Bolojan and Robert R. Neumayr.

12.2017: Panel Moderator for The Challenge of Change, Future Systems of Sustainability, and Collective Thinking. AIA Middle East 2017 Annual Conference „10,958 days“, Sharjah (UAE) – Robert R. Neumayr.

09.2017: Agent Based Semiology . AA Visiting School Vienna, Vienna (AT) – Robert R. Neumayr and Bogdan Zaha.

07.2017: Agent-Based Parametric Semiology. D.Chromosome – en{CODED}fields workshop Lecture, Firenze (IT) – Daniel Bolojan and Bogdan Zaha.

05.2015: Crowd Semiotics – Information Rich Environments. 1. Wiener Doktorand_innensymposion der Architektur, Vienna (AT) – Robert R. Neumayr.

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