ABPS symposium 2019 … video summary

This is a short video summary about the research symposium “Agent-Based Parametric Semiology“, which was held at the IoA at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts on May 8th, 2019.


Patrik Schumacher: Introduction to Parametric Semiology.

University of Applied Arts Vienna – IoA: Josip Bajcer, Mathias Fuchs, Robert Neumayr: Agent-based Occupancy Simulations.

ZHA code: Tyson Hosmer, Soungmin Yu, Sobitha Ravichandran: Agent-based Occupancy Simulations.

ZHA work: Uli Blum, Philipp Siedler: Corporate Space Planning.

This research is kindly supported by: FWF – PEEK – Der Wissenschaftsfonds, University of Applied Arts Vienna, IoA, and ZHA.

Video by Arian Lehner.

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